Apple-Compatible Earphone Headset with Remote and Mic - 4 Colours!

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Apple-Compatible Earphone Headset with Remote and Mic - 4 Colours!

This white headset requires a 3.5 mm jack. It features a microphone and has volume controls.

The silicone ear cushion provides added comfort.

Available colours: White, black, pink, green.


Customer Reviews

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I've had these earbuds for several days now and I've really been enjoying them. They're super comfortable, even with my tragus and conch piercings, and the sound quality is great in my opinion. These connect instantly to my phone and don't shut off if they happen to shift in my ear (like my AirPods do 🙄). They're very lightweight as well. The charging case does feel a little cheap and can be a little hard to open (I find my AirPod case to be much easier to open), but that's not a huge deal to me. I can't say exactly how many hours I've used these for, but I haven't had to charge the case since I received them and they show no signs of dying anytime soon. I also used these for light exercise (walking) and they were great, never felt like they were going to fall out. I can't speak on the effectiveness/stability of them for more intense workouts. Another thing I appreciated was the different size rubber pieces that were included - I was able to customize each ear bud to fit perfectly in my ear/around my piercings.

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