3 in 1 LED USB Magnetic Cable Fast Charging 360 degree

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3 in 1 LED USB Magnetic Cable Fast Charging 360 degree

Type: For 8-Pin/Micro/USB-C port
Length: 1m 
Output: 5V/2.1A (Max)
Magnetic Design: Super strong magnet connectors and cable ports.
LED Indicator: Built-in blue led indicator illuminates when the cable is active.
Ultra-Durable: Made of highly quality nylon braided cord and Aluminum metal case
Easy to charge: The plug is separated from the cable. 
Dustproof Plug: The magnet connector could be a dustproof plug and prolong the life of your device. In addition, it can reduce the damage of your USB port by preventing frequent plugging and pulling.

Color Black

Packaging retail.

Customer Reviews

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Very nice cords... very confident that these ones have the swivel end on them unlike my previous magnetic charger that did not and would not charge if something moved the phone or whatever it would just not always have a good confection because it w asnt flexible. These cords d ont have that issue at all because of the swivel.. Some of the male prices that plug into your phone ect... arnt the suggest fit.. but my biggest issue is sometimes when I hook my phone to it, it will be fast charging but other times will charge slower.. always using the same charging brick. But if I just unhook my phone and hook back then it will fast charge again not a huge deal.. but overall these are great cords for the price. I would def buy again.


These cords are super nice. They have a magnet that allows you to change out the adapter, which allows you to charge multiple types of devices with the same cord. The attachments include a lightning cord, a USB micro, and a USB C. The attachments are packaged separately in a small plastic container to keep them together and organized. The cords themselves are great quality rope chords. They come in a variety of lengths, which will allow you to use them in different places.


Loves these. I always destroy my lighting cables for iPad and phone. These are the perfect solution.

Pros: durable, easy to use, swivel, attach easily, has led on cable to let you know cables on, magnet is powerful

Cons: can’t do music or data through cable, the led is pretty bright. But can swivel to hid it. The adapters are small and can be hard to keep track of it you remove them.

I’m gonna get more of these


These magnetic charging cables work great - but you need to use them for the right product. Once you put them in iPhone the heads stay in firmly. You can then detach from the charger. If you have a few of the magnetic cables you can then easily attach your phone to another cable to charge. Very easy to use. My only minimal complaint is that once you push the heads in, they are a bit tricky to get out - which could also be a good thing so you don't lose the heads.


Very nice charging cable. It feels sturdy and better quality than some other cables I've used in the past. I love that the tip connector side swivels. Most of my old ones tend to not last very long cause it starts fraying due to it not being able to rotate or bend. It's also convenient that it has a blue glow so you can find the end of the cable. I just point my phone towards the light and it automatically attaches and starts charging. Only thing I wish is that it was a fast charge. I've compared it with a non magnetic cable and it definitely doesnt charge as quickly as my other ones. Overall I really like it. It's very convenient and feels like a cable that will last me quite a while.

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